my heart weeps every time i think of you.

but i always think of you.

does that mean my heart weeps all the time.

i am not sure.


flying to success

I say that I will fly some day

So high that it will be impossible to recognize me

But it is not just me who will fly

It is a matter of who will fly with me

It will not be any person

But it will be those who have never left my side

Those are the ones that will fly with me

And those, who left as I struggled to gain those wings

Will watch from below as a fly to success


how is it that these little letters can mean so much 
how is it that we begin to learn these letters without understanding their value
how is it that we forget that these letters mean so much
they express feelings, emotions, needs, wants
how is that we can be so selfish when others may not be able to do the same
how is it that i can touch your hearts with these letters
how is it that these little letters can mean so much